Work Positioning

Work Positioning/Restraint Systems: "Work in tension or suspension from ropes in such a way that the restraint prevents falls"

The term 'Work Positioning or Work Restraint' means to use ropes or adjustable lanyards to keep the user in a fixed position (work positioning) or to prevent the user reaching danger (work restraint).

In most situations a sit harness is preferred however there are situations where a pole belt such as telecommunications companies use may be sufficient. It is most likely that in many situations a full body harness may be more appropriate if other work at height techniques will need to be implemented. An example of a harness the meets the requirements for fall arrest as well as work positioning is the Petzl Avao Bod.

Work positioning techniques allow users of fall arrest systems to work 'hands-free'. A Petzl Grillon used in conjunction with a Petzl Absobica-Y-MGO could for example, allow the user to climb a metallic structure whilst making stops and positioning him or herself with the Petzl Grillon to work 'hands-free' along the way.

The introduction of work positioning techniques into a fall arrest system results in not only enhanced productivity, but also an extra margin of safety. Therefore working at height becomes less stressful, safer and more efficient.

Work restraint

The work restraint system prevents  users from entering an area where there is a risk of falling. This can be referred to as the (leash principle): Comprising of a lanyard and work positioning harness, the length of the lanyard is chosen to prevent the user entering an area where there is risk of falling,

The image below shows two examples of work restraint. The worker on the upper level has a fixed length lanyard which restrains him to the safe green area. The worker on the lower level has attached his fixed length lanyard to a horizontal safety line. The horizontal line and lanyard prevent the worker from entering the hazardous area.


Working in restraint examples


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