Wire Ladders

"Bespoke Wire Ladders can be produced to your specification" 

  • Cost effective temporary access
  • Minimal training required before use
  • Rapid deployment
  • Light & easy to transport
  • Can be used in confined spaces
Compact Ladders:

Compact ladders have a rung width to suit a single foot.

Regular - General purpose.
All Black - Designed for theatre use.
Lightweight - For situations where weight is more
important than strength.
Regular with Black Rungs - Ideal where
corrosion is a risk, e.g. marine environments.

Compact Ladders are:
  • Easy to carry and store
  • With a little practice and fitness, easy to climb
  • Cost effective
Compact ladders - Side material options
Galvanised wire sided ladder

Galvanised steel - Available in 4mm and 3mm diameters

Used on regular ladders (4mm) and lightweight ladders (3mm) galvanised wire rope is ideal for most applications offering high strength and durability.

Stainless wire sided ladder

Stainless steel - Available in 4mm diameter only

Where a corrosive atmosphere might reduce the life span of galvanised wire rope, this stainless steel wire rope gives additional strength and durability.

Polyester sided ladder

Polyester - Available in 8mm diameter only

8mm rope for use on Wide rung GRP ladders only. May be suitable for use in environments where electric shock is a risk.

Compact ladders - Rung material options
Alloy rung wire ladder Alloy rungs are used on compact and lightweight ladders, compact ladders are supplied with 12.5mm diameter rungs. Wide rung ladders are supplied with 25mm diameter rungs. 
Black annodised rung wire ladder For low visibility in military, security or theatrical applications.The additional protection from corrosion given by the anodising process makes these rungs more suitable for use in corrosive environments such as marine facilities and chemical plants. Available in 2 diameters - 12.5mm (compact ladders only) and 25mm (wide rung only).
GRP rung flexible ladder

GRP - Fluted glass reinforced plastic

Available in 34mm diameter only


Chunky rungs which are easier to grip. GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic) rungs also have the advantage that they are least likely to scratch any surface they contact.

Breaking loads associated with compact wire ladders

Compact Ladders
Description Rung Sides d ∅
Regular Alloy Galv 4 10 2.5
All Black Alloy-B B 4 10 2.5
Lightweight Alloy Galv 3 6 2.5
Regular with
Black Rungs
Alloy-B Inox 4 10 2.5

Compact ladder loads and dimensions

Wide Rung Ladders

Wide ladders are wide enough to fit both feet side by side.

Wide Regular - General purpose
Glass Fibre & Rope - May be suitable where electric shock is a hazard. Glass Fibre & Wire - Easy to clean, used by the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Wide all black - designed for theatre use. Wide with black rungs - ideal where corrosion is a risk, e.g. marine environments.

Wide rung ladders are:

  • Useful for work positioning

Breaking loads associated with wide rung ladders

Compact Ladders
Description Rung D ∅
Sides d ∅
Wide regular Alloy 25 Gal 4 10 5
Wide all black Alloy-B 25 B 4 10 5
Wide with
black rungs
Alloy-B 25 Inox 4 10 5
Wide glass
fibre & rope
GRP 25 Poly 7 8 5
Wide glass
fibre & rope
GRP 25 Inox 4 10 5
Wide rung ladder dimensions
Ladders are usually supplied in 5m or 10m lengths, ladders of the same length can be joined together for longer lengths. Bespoke lengths are available to order.
Wire-ladder-end-fittings All ladders are supplied with eyelet ends to allow easy extension. Screw link connectors (Mallions)
Flexible Ladder Accessories:
Storage and rapid deployment pouch
Keeps ladder neatly rolled ready for easy deployment
Wire ladder pouch

'Y' Spreader
Used to connect ladder to single anchor point

Y-spreadder for wire ladders

Wire strop
Ideal for suspending ladders from beams or other large anchor points

Rigging a flexible ladder with a wire anchor strop

Wire Ladders and PPE?

Wire ladders must never be treated as PPE, they are simply for aiding access and egress. When using flexible ladders, users must always be backed-up by PPE.

In the examples below you can see that the first user has no PPE, he is risking a fall should he slip or loose his grip for any reason. In the second example the user is backed-up a partner using belay techniques. The third example shows the user backed-up by a mobile fall arrest device such as the Petzl ASAP.

Note that in the second example the user could easily be lowered to safety should he become stuck.

Wire ladder safety systems


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