Safety Harness Managers and Supervisors Training


This full day training course covers the management and selection of safetyharnesses and associated equipment.

Course objectives

To enable a delegate to identify the intended use of common items of fallprotection equipment, requirements for pre use inspection and correct fitting andadjustment of a full body harness.

Who will benefit?

All those in your organisation involved in the use of fall prevention/protectionequipment for working at height.

Course content

  • Legislation
  • Mechanics of a fall
  • Selection of fall protection equipment (includes common hazardsassociated with different equipment types) - includes practical exercise
  • Pre-use inspection - includes practical exercise
  • Anchor points and devices
  • Donning a harness - includes practical exercise
  • Storage, care and maintenance
  • Rescue requirements and options
  • Theory test paper (multiple choice)

Training methods

Lectures, printed course material, hands on equipment, practical exercise, andpre-use inspection exercise.


Successful delegate will receive a certificate on completion.

PPE requirements

No PPE Requirements

Course duration/Number of delegates

The course is designed for up to 8 delegates at any one time and is held over onefull working day, typically 09:00 - 16:00

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