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Rope Clamps

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Beal Hands Up Ascender

Beal Hands Up Ascender£36.13

Beal Hold Up

Beal Hold Up£25.78

Heightec Compact X-Cam

Heightec Compact X-Cam£37.75   £35.86

Heightec Pulsar X-Cam

Heightec Pulsar X-Cam£42.25   £38.02

Heightec Sync

Heightec Sync£45.25

Heightec Twist X-Cam

Heightec Twist X-Cam£37.95   £36.05

Petzl Ascension

Petzl AscensionFrom:  £36.55

Petzl Ascentree

Petzl Ascentree£139.50   £118.57

Petzl Basic

Petzl Basic£40.25   £36.22

Petzl Croll

Petzl Croll£41.06

Petzl Knee Ascent Loop

Petzl Knee Ascent Loop£111.50

Petzl Pantin

Petzl Pantin£41.80

Petzl Rescucender

Petzl Rescucender£79.50   £71.55

Petzl Rescucender

Petzl Rescucender£74.00   £70.30

Petzl Shunt

Petzl Shunt£52.33   £44.48

Petzl Tibloc

Petzl Tibloc£24.15


Page 1 of 1:    16 Items

"...primarily used for progression on ropes and for creating hauling systems"

Progression rope clamps
Easy and quick to install progression rope clamps are used for passing intermediate anchors, knots and for transitioning between ascension and descent. The rope is grabbed by a spring-loaded and toothed cam, when locked in the open position they can be easily installed or freed from the rope. Our rope clamps work in even the harshest conditions, adapted with self cleaning grooves and teeth.

Rope clamps for hauling
Commonly used in less intensive applications than progression rope clamps, these rope clamps provide a removable or semi permanent cam to block the rope. Hauling rope clamps will usually require the cam to be removed before installing them on the rope. Depending upon the frequency of their use cam-loaded rope clamps can have a bolted axle, locking pin options such as the Petzl Microcender offer quicker and easier manipulation. For simple progress capture hauling systems the versatile and easier to install Petzl Basic can offer a usefull alternative.

We strive to provide the latest in technical advancements, new products such as the Petzl Ascentree are constantly in development.