Elavon PCI Compliant

Rigging and Rope Protection

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Beal Hot Protector

Beal Hot Protector£33.29

Beal Magnetic Protector

Beal Magnetic Protector£38.96

Beal Protector

Beal Protector£9.20

Beal Rope Armour

Beal Rope Armour£53.12

Beal Twist Air B

Beal Twist Air B£28.76



Heightec Cascade Edge Protector

Heightec Cascade Edge Protector£59.70   £55.19

Heightec Gratemate

Heightec Gratemate£18.45

Heightec Gratemate Plus

Heightec Gratemate Plus£68.80

Heightec Torrent Edge Pad

Heightec Torrent Edge Pad£56.52

Lyon Canvas Rope Protector

Lyon Canvas Rope ProtectorFrom:  £12.92

Lyon Dump Sheet

Lyon Dump Sheet£41.66

Lyon Durus

Lyon Durus£137.88

Lyon Edge Guard

Lyon Edge Guard£62.50   £56.25

Lyon Edge Guard Large

Lyon Edge Guard Large£100.00   £90.00

Lyon Large Canvas Rope Protector

Lyon Large Canvas Rope ProtectorFrom:  £25.42

Petzl Caterpillar

Petzl Caterpillar£174.50   £148.33

Petzl Edge Roller

Petzl Edge Roller£220.00   £198.00

Petzl Micro Swivel

Petzl Micro Swivel£36.50   £33.00

Petzl Paw

Petzl PawFrom:  £19.60

Petzl PVC Rope Protector

Petzl PVC Rope Protector£10.63

Petzl Swivel

Petzl SwivelFrom:  £46.00


Petzl-Swivel-Open£53.50   £48.15

Page 1 of 1:    27 Items