Ridge Gear

"Preventing injuries as a result of falls from height since 1998"

RidgeGear logoRidgeGear are based in Leek, Staffordshire with a collective 70 years worth of expertise within the Unitex Group. RidgeGear a sister company of Unitex, benefit from pioneering manufacturing techniques developed by Unitex. Unitex have been at the forefront of seat belt and airbag manufacture since they were initially developed. The excellent webbing manufacturing experience passed on by Unitex can be seen throughout the range of RidgeGear harnesses and lanyards.

Now supported by Marling Leek (market leaders in narrow webbing manufacture) RidgeGear have developed height safety specific webbings such as the energy absorbing webbing's used to produce their RGL20 Kinetic Fall Arrest Lanyard

RidgeGear manufacturing process and quality control

RidgeGear weaving machine


RidgeGear use high tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns, they weave these on site with state of the art machinery. At this stage of the manufacturing process the webbing is still white. Samples are taken during the entire weaving Process. Dedicated operators work carefully to ensure each sample has been produced to specification. Once samples have been tested to destruction, RidgeGear confirm the webbing's fitness for purpose.

RidgeGear webbing dye bath


The white webbing, still on a continuous loom at this stage Is passed through a dye machine. The disperse dye that is applied provides a colour-fast finish to the webbing, such as you may find in a coloured aircraft seat belt.

RidgeGear quality control


The RidgeGear webbing quality control team test the finished webbing product again at the end of manufacturing. RidgeGear realise that their webbing's are designed to save lives, therefore RidgeGear take this process very seriously. Only when the webbing has passed the demanding height safety quality control tests is it considered finished.

All products produced by RidgeGear are manufactured and tested in accordance with their ISO9001 certification.

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