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Petzl Requirements

Petzl Requirements

Petzl ensure that all of their products will meet the physical demands of the working environment to which they have been selected. Petzl surpass the imposed common industry standards by ensuring every product has been tested in the field over time to ensure the ergonomics, comfort in use and prolonged reliability.

You can be sure that any product developed by Petzl will have reached final approval only after many months of development and testing.

Testing Conditions

You can rest assured that your Petzl head torch will operate effectively no matter what the temperature. Lighting and mechanical performance tests are conducted between -30°C and + 60°C

 Petzl Pixa in cold test

Lighting performance
Immediately after switching on your headlamp performance begins to systematically decrease, according to the regulation technology installed. Regulation tchnology stabalised over a pre determined duration. To provide you with usable data Petzl display only the "useful working" values in relation to luminous flux, burn time and lighting distance.

Luminous flux
Lighting power is referred to as luminous flux, this is a measurement of the total light emitted in every direction from the source. Luminous flux is expressed in lumen's (lm), this value is measured using the integrated sphere device (as shown below). 

Petzl headtorch luminous flux test equipment

Examples of luminous flux values:
- candlelight: 10 lumen's
- PIXA 3: 50 lumen's
- household lighting: 100 to 200 lumen's
- ULTRA: 350 lumen's

Lighting distance
When Petzl provide a 'lighting distance' they refer to the following protocol "lighting distance corresponds to the distance to which a headlamp illuminates at 0.25 lux or more."

Duration/Burn Time
Petzl Test the 'burn time' of their headlamps on a testing platform equipped with a luxmeter. The brightness provided by the lamp is measured by the luxmeter, the resulting burn time corresponds to the duration which the light remains stable. Once the level has dropped the user has the option of reserve lighting that garantees at least 0.25 lux.
Note: The 0.25 lux is measured at 2 meters (this is a minimum lighting level that corresponds to the light of a full moon). Further reading is available under the "Constant lighting" section.

Mechanical Performance

The strength of a headlamp is verified using crush, shock, and drop tests. The headlamps are subject to each of these tests twice on each of the most fragile parts.

The tests:

  • Crush test: 80kg mass rolled over headlamp
  • Shock test: 500g mass dropped from 40cm
  • Drop tests: 10m, 5m, 2m, and 1m

 Petzl headtorch durability testing

Petzl Headlamps are also subject to function tests. These tests evaluate the endurance of each moving part. The tests are performed automatically many times to ensure their reliability over time.

Common parts tested:

  • Plate
  • Battery Pack
  • Selector Dial

Supplementary vibration tests are also used to evaluate reliability. 

Petzl headtorch reliability testing 

Individual testing
Prior to leaving the production line all Petzl head torches are individually inspected. Tests performed include lighting performance and water-tightness for instance. Any Petzl headlamp not passing these tests will be permanently removed from the production line and handed to Petzls R and D department for further evaluation. This process of in-depth analysis allows Petzl to establish technical solutions for failing items, therefore continually improving the range of headlamps.

Individual Petzl headtorch testing

Petzl LEDs
The LEDs supplied in Petzl head torches meet precise requirements set by their R and D department. All of these LEDs are then subject to random testing before the headlamps are assembled. These tests verify the light colour, luminous flux, electrical consumption and light output.

Petzl headtorch LED

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