Petzl Connectors

Petzl Connector Compatibility Table

Petzl Connector Locking System Petzl Reference Gate Opening Major Axis BL
(Gate closed)
Cross loaded BL
(Gate closed)
Major Axis BL
(Gate open)
EN Certification Weight
Petzl aluminium karabiners
Petzl William Screw-Lock M36 SL / SLN 25mm 25kN 7kN 7kN CE EN 362 90g
Triact-Lock M36 TL / TLN 24mm
Ball-Lock M36 BL 24mm
Petzl Am'd Screw-Lock M34 SL 21mm 28kN 7kN 8kN CE EN 362 75g
Triact-Lock M34 TL / TLN 21mm
Ball-Lock M34 BL 22mm
Petzl OK Screw-Lock M33 SL / SLN 19mm 24kN 10kN 7kN CE EN 362 75g
Triact-Lock M33 TL / TLN 19mm 8kN
Petzl steel karabiners
Petzl Oxan Screw-Lock M72 SL / SLN 21mm 27kN 16kN 7kN CE EN 362
NFPA 1983, Light Use
(European standards)
M72 TL 21mm 215g
(North American and
European standards)
M72 TLA / TLN 19mm CE EN 362
ANSI Z359.1
NFPA 1983, Light Use
CSA Z259.12
Petzl Vulcan Screw-Lock M73 SL / SLN 31mm 40kN 16kN 11kN CE EN 362
NFPA 1983, General Use
(European standards)
M73 TL 30mm 285g
(North American and
European standards)
M73 TLA / TLN 29mm CE EN 362
ANSI Z359.1
NFPA 1983, General Use
CSA Z259.12
Petzl large connectors
Petzl MGO Automatic MGO60 60mm 25kN - - CE EN 362 455g
MGO110 110mm 23kN 15kN 7kN CE EN 362 940g
Petzl special aluminum karabiners
Petzl Omni Screw-Lock M37 SL / SLN 22mm 20kN 15kN 7kN CE EN362 85g
Triact-Lock M37 TL / TLN 22mm 90g
Petzl Freino Twist-Lock M42 15mm 25kN 10kN 9kN CE EN 362 85g
Petzl Spirit - M15 A 20mm 23kN 10kN 9.5kN CE EN 12275 B 50g
Petzl mallions
Petzl Delta Quick Link P11 12mm 25kN 10kN - CE EN 362 Q 150g
P11-8 / P11-8B 10mm 25kN 10kN - CE EN 362 Q 85g / 95g
Petzl GO Quick Link P15 16mm 25kN 10kN - CE EN 362 Q 60g
Petzl Demi Rond Quick Link P18 10mm 25kN 10kN - CE EN 362 Q 55g

Loading Connectors

Connectors are an essential element in every belay chain. For this reason it is vital that users understand the differences between the various shapes on offer.  Connector loaded along majoir axis
Connector cross loaded on lanyard Connectors loaded across the gate will become weaker, Connector cross loaded
Connector loaded in three directions Connectors will be weaker whenever loaded across the gate. Specialist connectors are require for three-way loading. D shape connector not designed for three way loading
Connector with pressure on gate Rigging of connectors must ensure they are not positioned where them gate could be inadvertently opened. Connectors strength reduced, gate open
Improper loading of connector over an edge When rigging connectors, connecting elements must be positioned to avoid external pressure. Connectors are not designed for external pressure

Below the common loading errors have been resolved 

Petzl String holds connector in place Cross loading of the connector has been eliminated by fixing it in place with the Petzl String.
Petzl Omni three way loading connector Two solutions have been provided; either lengthen the sling or use a three-way loading connector such as the Petzl Omni Lock.
Connector placed to avoid contact with structure Here the lanyard has been lengthened and the connector has been turned around. Contact between the connector and structure has been removed. 
Anchor sling lengthened to avoid external pressure By lengthening the anchor sling the connector is now able to hang below the edge. The softer webbing has been used to take the load over the edge preventing the risk of improper loading.

Petzl connector locking systems

Ball Lock:

The Petzl Ball Lock is an auto-locking system with integrated lock indicator. The green button indicates that the sleeve is locked. Unlock in two stages, depress the button and turn the sleeve. These connectors can be opened using one hand, recommended for applications where the connector must be opened and closed regularly.

Petzl Ball-Lock system


The triact lock system auto-locks when the gate is released. Unlock in two stages, raise and then turn the gate sleeve until the gate opens. These connectors are recommended for applications where the connector must be opened and closed frequently. The triact lock system is easier to operate than the ball-lock when wearing gloves.

Petzl Triact-Lock system


The screw-lock system is manually operated, this makes it more suitable for occasional opening/closing applications. The Screw-Lock is also recommended for harsh environments where dust, dirt, mud or even ice could cause auto locking mechanisms to malfunction. A red band around the gate provides a clear visual warning if the connector screw-lock is open.

Petzl Screw-Lock system

Different shapes for different uses

Connector are available in a range of shapes as well as gate options. The most common shapes and their uses are listed below.

Petzl connector oval shape Oval Shape Connector
Versatile symmetrical shape specially adapted for devices with widely-spaced side plates (Petzl Fixe, Petzl ASAP etc)
Petzl D-shape connector D-Shape Connector
Asymmetrical shape allows easy connection and good positioning of the device along the major axis.
Petzl pear shape connector Pear shape Connector
Asymmetrical shape has a wide opening and large internal capacity.


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