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Ortlieb was founded by Hartmut Ortlieb. His first products were dry bags and bicycle panniers. Hartmut produced the bags himself from truck tarps on his mother’s sewing machine. Hartmuts bags served him well during his first long bicycle and climbing tours, this encouraged him to take the idea further... These humble beginnings formed the company we now know as Ortlieb. Today Ortlieb, a leading high-tech enterprise has over 100 employees. The range of Ortlieb products on offer has grown to over 300 individual products. Today, just like in the beginning everything is located under a single roof, product development and engineering, sales, marketing, production and shipment all take place at the Ortlieb headquarters.

Ortlieb products have become famous throughout their target markets for tightly sealed closure systems. Ortlieb offers a range of closure systems throughout its range, waterproof zippers, roll top closures, Velcro, and sliding seal closures. Ortlieb are also renowned for their 'bomb proof' construction, which is the reason we recommend their products. Many of Ortliebs design features have been patented, and serve as a benchmark in the waterproof bags and cycle pannier markets.

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