On-site Rope Rescue

"On site rescue, when a victim is unable to self rescue the the working at height team may intervene"

If a victim is unable to carry out a self rescue, the team on-site must intervene and move the victim to safety. Once the victim is safe the team can wait for the outside rescue team to arrive. For this reason those operating in a work at height team  must undergo specialist training and practise rescue scenarios at regular intervals. Rescuers will use either their own equipment or a specific rescue from height kit as decided in the method statement for the task.

Below are some examples of on site rescue using Petzl Products:

Upward evacuation using the 'Spanish balancier' technique:

This is a counterweight system, it allows the victim to be raised when lowering is not appropriate.

  1. In this example the rescuer installs a Petzl Mini Traxion, he weights the rope with his body weight as shown.
  2. The rescuer then pulls on the victims rope with a Petzl Ascension towards the pulley to engage the system.
  3. Once sufficient rope has been pulled through the system the rescuer is able to begin raising the victim. The Petzl Croll is added to the system, this allows the user to ascend the rope exiting the Petzl Mini Traxion in turn raising the victim.

Spanish balancier technique uisng Petzl products

Rescue using a reversible rescue kit:

Non -accompanied evacuation (Victim does not require monitoring or for a free-hanging rescue)

  1. Attaching the rescue kit to the victim
  2. Raising - the lifting advantage of the pulley system allows victims lanyards to removed
  3. Victim is lowered to the ground

Rescue using Petzl products to make a reversible rescue kit

Accompanied rescue (protecting and distancing the victim from the structure):

  1. Attaching the rescue kit to the victim
  2. Pulley system allows the victim to be raised and connecting lanyards to be removed.
  3. Victim lowered to the ground
Accompanied rescue using Petzl products
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