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Petzl Vizen Full Face Shield

Friday, 19 April 2013  |  Admin

PETZL VIZEN - Petzl’s new integrated eye protection solution for both the Vertex & Alveo helmet ranges.

Building on the already successful Petzl Vizir eye protection for the Vertex & Alveo helmet range the new Petzl Vizen provides an enhanced level of protection (EN166 class 1 type B - Full face as oppsoed to just eye cover for the Vizir).

The Petzl Vizen's broad, ultra-wrap shield provides users with full face protection while maintaining peripheral vision. Ideal for work in aggressive environments with the presence of sparks, ejected particles or electrical arcing hazards. The Petzl Vizen has a similar robust hinge system to the Petzl Vizir, providing the same swing and click features. The Vizen, manufacturerd from the highest quallity materials is also scratch and fog resistant - fog resistance can be further improved with the Petzl A13 Antifog Kit handy when your huffing and puffing at work!

Dont have a Vertex or Alveo helmet? If you own a Petzl Elios instead perhaps you haven't seen the A44 1 Petzl Vizion

Expected delivery date 02/06/13

Buy On-line the Petzl Vizen

petzl vizen full face shield fitted to vertex best


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