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Petzl AVAO Range Explained

Wednesday, 5 December 2012  |  Admin

Petzl AVAO Harnesses

"Unrivalled comfort and features for work at height, no matter what the situation"

Petzl have worked hard to improve on their already market dominating harness range. After compiling feedback given to Petzl during the era of the Navaho Bod harnesses, they have now designed the most technologically advanced suspension system available today.

Petzl's new range of Avao harnesses provides un-paralleled comfort in any work at height or work in suspension situation. With an all new X-construction of the dorsal (rear) suspension system, Avaho harnesses 'wrap' the users shoulders reducing pressure points post fall. Perhaps the most innovative feature of the Avaho harnesses is their ability to transfer weight to the leg loops post fall. After falling via the dorsal attachment the user is almost in a sitting position increasing the time a user could be suspended while awaiting rescue.

Other ergonomic improvements to both the Avao' chest harness and the Avao' sit harness allow the user to adjust the harness accurately with ease.

Watch this short video of the Petzl Avao Bod harness:

The Petzl Avao harnesses will be available in 4 versions:

  • Petzl Avao Bod - Comfortable fall arrest and work positioning harness
  • Petzl Avao Bod Fast - Comfortable fall arrest and work positioning harness with FAST buckles on leg loops
  • Petzl Avao Croll Fast - Comfortable harness specially designed for rope access use, includes FAST buckles on legs
  • Petzl Avao Sit - Sit style harness for users who don't always require a chest harness - (slimmer leg padding)

So lets look at the Petzl Avao features in more detail:

Petzl Avao - Ergonomic feature improvements

Owners harnesses from the current Navaho Bod range will know that unfamiliar users tend to find operation of the current doubleback buckels a little 'tricky' at times. Petzl have addressed this issue by re-designing the doubleback buckles. As with Petzl' previous doubleback buckle no re-threading is required and buckles lock automatically after adjustment. The real improvement here is the smoother operation provided, thus making adjustment of the buckles easier when the webbing becomes older.

The 'Petzl Fast' buckles have also been redesigned, as you can see in the picture below. Now the buckle is opened by depressing both of the yellow buttons simultaneously. We have tried these new buckles (with gloves on) and they are certainly MUCH easier to operate than the previous versions.

Another great feature improvement, Petzl Avao harnesses feature six gear loops spread across the waistband. The gear loops each have their own shape relative to their position on the waistband allowing them to be easily utilised. The Petzl Avao also includes Petzl Cari Tool holders and positions for the new Petzl Tool bags.

Lateral positioning rings can now be 'flipped' to face backwards, this stops the positioning ring digging into your hip when attached from behind. The rear restraint point has now also been updated to a webbing soft loop, instead of being an integral part of the chest harness rear adjustment buckle. Users of the Navaho Bod range may be familiar with the buckle catching during confined space work.

The Petzl Croll / waist attachment point has also been improved for the Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast. The waist attachment ring and Croll used to occupy the same webbing attachment loop to the harness, Avao harnesses have these two items separated by another piece of webbing. This helps to keep the Croll in a lower position therefore improving ascending performance on the Croll chest ascender.

The Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast version for rope access will now feature (much awaited) loops for attaching the Petzl Podium Seat. The Podium seat has always in the past been connected via two karabiners directly into the waist attachment ring, this used up valuable space for connections (especially if you had cows tails tied in too).



Petzl Avao - Comfort Improvements

The first most striking change within the new Petzl Avao harness range is the X-Shape dorsal construction. The new X construction of the harness allows the user to be completely 'enveloped' within the harness, pressure is distributed evenly to guarantee comfort during prolonged periods of suspension.

The waistbelt and leg loops have also increased in size and density. Petzl have continued to offer well ventilated padding with plenty of air movement channels in the waist belt. The waistbelt is also able to hold its shape better than previous models which helps when putting the harness on.

The chest harness for the Petzl Avaho range has two adjustments (one on either side) as opposed to the single adjustment buckle offered in the past. The chest harness also features rolled padding around the straps where they pass your neck, we found this to be a really useful addition. The rear spacer on the new Petzl Avao chest harness has also been reinforced.

Petzl Avaho Bod post fall suspension system:

Petzl Avao Bod harnesses dorsal attachments are equipped with a new post fall system that transfers a user’s body weight automatically to the harness leg loops. This new system limits the constriction of pressure points across the body when hanging immobile in the harness, providing vital extra time when recovering an incapacitated casualty.

Please note: This does not mean casualties should hang for extended periods of time, conventional rescue plans to retrieve a casualty must be maintained.

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