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New Petzl Rope Access Products

Sunday, 11 November 2012  |  Admin

New Petzl Rope Access Products For 2013!

We've got a great selection of innovative, new and redesigned Petzl products coming in for 2013. Petzl are the top manufacturers of rope access equipment because of their ability to constantly improve upon their already successful range year after year. 2013 isn't going to be any different, in fact it's shaping up to be a very exciting year, see below for a list of new products and changes to the range we know about so far...

New Petzl Rope Access Equipment

  • Petzl Avao Harnesses - A totally new range of harness, our Petzl Avao blog page will be updated with information and images as we receive them,
  • Beal Pro Water Rope - New floating rope for swift water and line rescue.
  • Petzl Tool Bags - Two newly designed tool bags on offer, both include hammer loops and the larger bag will feature a volume expanding zip.


 New Petzl Arborist Equipment

  • Petzl Zig Zag - All new mechanical prussic ascending device designed specifically for Arborists to replace the classic prussic.
  • Petzl Airline Throwline - A new high quality throw line, designed for optimum performance, available in 60m & 200m lengths.
  • Petzl Jet Throw Bags - To accompany the new throw lines Petzl now have their very own throw bags, available in 250g, 300g and 350g.

The new Petzl Jet throwbags and Petzl Airline throwlines have been designed to compliment the already successful Petzl Eclispe throwline bag. Petzl Eclipse bags are supplied with handy compartments for both your throwline and bag, plus the whole Petzl Eclipse bag fits neatly inside the Petzl Bucket rope bag thus keeping all of your kit neatly stowed.

    Redesigned Petzl Products for 2013

    • Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender - Now reduced in size the Petzl Pantin is less cumbersome, also included in the 'overhaul' are new heavier duty adjustment buckles and a stainless steel cam.
    • Petzl Croll - New stainless steel cam and the welcome addition of a protective plate to reduce wear on the devices frame during constant use.
    • Petzl Basic - The Petzl Basic will now have a smaller frame and stainless steel cam, the lower attachment hole will be increased in size to accept two connectors
    • Petzl Foot Tape - New reinforcement underfoot and buckle.

    Watch this space folks, we will have more details and images coming very soon...

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