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New Petzl numbering system

Thursday, 10 March 2016  |  Dean Baines

1-Starting from January 4th 2016, two types of codification will coexist:

Individual serial number Type B:

This New codification will be deployed to approximately 90% of our PPE. The concerned PPE are:

PPE manufactured by Petzl in France and by our subcontractor in Romania: Concerned PPE care all The PPE that are not concerned by the Type a serial number as described above. In January 4th 2016, we will stop to mark these PPE with the old codification (Type A), and switch the marking to The New codification (Type B).


Note that after January 4th, for these PPE, we will have in our warehouse in Crolles the actual Codification (Type A) and the new one (Type B). As a consequence, for all these PPE, starting from January 4th, you and your customer will be delivered with a mix of the actual codification (type A) And the new codification (Type B).

New petzl numbering format table

The third digit of this new codification is going to be a letter that indicate the month of Manufacturing. A=January, B= February, C= March,… L= December)

Batch number issued from SAP is included in this new codification. This batch number give us Access to all manufacturing data’s, including workers and quality final inspector names. This will Give to Petzl a faster and more precise access to all manufacturing data’s.

Individual serial number Type A:

This codification is the actual codification applied to 99% of our PPE. It will remain to approximately 10% to 15% of our PPE. The concerned PPE, are:

PPE manufactured by Petzl in Malaysia (Petzl Manufacturing Malaysia). Concerned PPE are: all Sport harnesses + some sling. PMM will move to SAP in Year 2017, as a consequence, the Codification of all the PPE manufactured in PMM will evolve to type B in Year 2017.

PPE manufactured by an external supplier (METEOR, SIROCCO, REVERSO, VERSO, FREINO, VERTIGO, OMNI, Quick links, etc.…). As our suppliers do not have SAP, the codification will remain as today, and as long as the product is manufactured in their facility.

New petzl numbering table

2-Communication to our customers:


Pro & Sport Newsletters: An information will be included in the next Pro & Sport Newsletters sent to all customers including end users : When = Mid-January to March 2016

Petzl website :

o FAQ: We will post a new after sales service FAQ to explain this change (see FAQ in Annex of this letter): When =January 4th 2016 for the English version.

o Product page: A link will be posted on each product page, just below the link of the Tech Notice: When = Mid-January 2016

o PPE inspection procedure: All of them will be updated to present this change: When=31st January 2016

o IFU: They will not be updated before a technical evolution of the PPE. Consequently, it will take us 3 to 4 years to update all IFU.

o Pro website only: A slider will be visible in order to alert end users on this change. When= Mid-January 2016

Facebook: An information will be posted on Petzl Facebook When= Mid-January 2016

Pro Catalogue: Note also that the 2016 Pro Catalogue inform about this new codification (page 44).

Sincerely Bernard Bressoux Product Risk Director / Directeur du Risqué Produit 33 (0)4 76 92 09 44 / Site Crolles - Cidex 105 A - 38920 CROLLES / France


FAQ: Individual serial number evolution

In order to improve the product manufacturing traceability, Petzl decided to evolve the codification of the individual Serial Number of its PPE. The new codification will include the manufacturing batch number, which will give to Petzl a faster and more precise access to all manufacturing data’s.

New petzl numbering tableNew petzl numbering table

Actual Codification New Codification

This evolution is going to be implemented gradually to the PPE all along of the Years 2016 and 2017.

Note also that Technical Notices will include gradually these evolutions. Consequently, during these Two Years 2016 & 2017, you will observe some differences between the explanations of the serial number visible in the Technical Notice, and the serial number visible on your PPE.

Datamatrix is going to evolve. With this new codification (typeB), only the individual serial number will be readable when scanning the Datamatrix.

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