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New Petzl ASAP Lock

Wednesday, 13 November 2013  |  Admin

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Petzl have responded to the specific feedback provided by end users of the Petzl ASAP over the past 8 years of its service.

The new Petzl ASAP range aims to:  


 Petzl Basic Asap and Petzl Asap Lock in use
  • Have equal functionality on both vertical and inclined surfaces
  • Follow the user without the need for manual intervention
  • Provide a standard deployment distance

Evolution of the Petzl ASAP back-up device range:

Petzl Asap range evolution 

Introducing the all new specific rope access back up device, the Petzl ASAP Lock:

Petzl Asap Lock 

The Petzl ASAP lock has been designed to address the specific pitfalls of the original ASAP when used in a rope access environment.

  • Physical size reduced
  • Device can maintain its position on the rope
  • Prevents slack loops caused by 'wind sail' pulling rope through the device
  • has fewer operations to install onto the rope
  • Smoother operation
  • Increased corrosion resistance

Integrated ASAP locking function:    

ASAP Lock integrated locking function 

The new locking function allows the ASAP Lock to be positioned and 'parked', it also allows the user to simply lock the device when at the work location to prevent the wind blowing a loop of rope through the ASAP.

New connection arm makes the ASAP simpler to install and almost impossible to drop:

The ASAP Lock connects directly to its shock absorbing lanyard (these can be interchanged / replaced by removing a simple Allen bolt). You no longer need to detach the ASAP device to install it onto the rope, during normal use this should greatly reduce the risk of dropping the device and has done away with the 'keeper cord' previously used. The rope is now installed into the device in much the same way as a handled ascender.

Locking wheel re-designed:

The ASAPs lock function operates separately to its fall arrest function. The wheel is now manufactured from stainless steel to facilitate the locking / 'parking' mechanism. This has improved the wheels corrosion resistance over the previous chromed alloy construction and its ability to oval. This improvement means better continuity between devices and a smoother operation for all.

Where to attach the Petzl ASAP Lock:


Petzl ASAP Lock attachment points   

The ASAP LOCK must be  attached to a EN361 fall arrest  point (marked A)
The choice of attachment point will dependant upon the task undertaken:

Points to consider:

  • Task e.g. Cutting tools - Attach device to dorsal attachment
  • Ease of use e.g. Inspection works with multiple stops require constant movements - Attach to sternal attachment
  • Consider the post fall user position e.g. Wire stop could be used when cutting if dorsal attachment not appropriate

Can the Petzl ASAP Lock be used at the end of a cows tail?

NO - The ASAP Lock connection arm must be attached to either an L57 Petzl Absorbica (rated for two person loads) or one of the L71 20 or L71 40 Petzl ASAP'Sorber Lanyards (you cannot perform a rescue with either the L71 20 or L71 40)

Can the Petzl ASAP Lock be used for two person loads exceeding 100kg?


Petzl ASAP Lock rescue loads 

Yes ‐if:

  • Required by the urgency of an inert suspended  victim
  • Carried out by a trained person who has practiced this type of rescue
  • All the risks of a fall and impact load are minimised  (anchor failure, pendulum, poorly braked descent,  sudden loading)
  • ASAP LOCK is connected by an ABSORBICA L57 energy absorber
  • Total static load does not exceed 250Kg

Remember rope stretch and required clearance distance will increase!


Can a casualty suspended by their ASAP Lock be rescued via accent of the back-up rope?


 Climbing a Petzl Asap Lock casualties back up rope

When a casualty is suspended on his rope  with an ASAP LOCK on his safety rope,  certain common rescue techniques  require the rescuer to use the casualties  ropes for access. 
Tests have shown that the ASAP LOCK  works normally on a taut rope, without  increasing the impact force and without  damaging the rope.

When a casualty is hanging from his ASAP  LOCK (locked by a fall), if his ASAP LOCK’s  rope is the only access solution, the rescuer  may decide to use it to access the casualty. 
This must always be a method of last resort! When tested in this scenario no slippage or  unlocking of the casualties ASAP LOCK was  observed 


Notes on the use of knotted ropes with the Petzl Basic ASAP and ASAP Lock:

Dynamic performance

test The ASAP LOCK/rope combination was dynamically tested in house by Petzl against the requirements of EN353‐


The ASAP LOCK/rope combination meets EN353‐2 in all practical dynamic tests.
Petzl have tested the ASAP LOCK with 200kg loads and in all tests the impact force never exceeded the BL of an EN  1891 type A rope with a fig. 8 knot.
However, the rope alone with a fig. 8 knot does not meet the overall system requirement  of EN353‐2 (MBL of  22kN). For example, static strength of BEAL Antipodes 10,5mm rope alone, tied with a fig. 8 knot = 19,5kN. EN1891  type A requires a BL of at least 15kNfor a rope with a fig. 8 knot.


For EN1891 TYPE A new, knotted ropes of ≥ 10.5mm, the ASAP LOCK/rope combination works, but this cannot be formally certified to CE EN 353‐2. 

Introducing the all new Petzl ASAP designed for 'Basic' fall arrest:

Petzl Asap Basic Fall Arrest 

Typical applications for the Petzl ASAP basic fall arrest:

  • Roof work fall arrest
  • Pylon access fall arrest
  • Communication masts and towers fall arrest
  • Wind turbine ladders fall arrest
  • Vehicle Access - Fall protection on large vehicles

So what's changed?


 Petzl Asap changes 2014
  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Tougher
  • Stainless steel wheel  for smoother operation 
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