New Lyon Edge Gaurd

Tuesday, 1 November 2011  |  Admin
These are the very first images of Lyons new stainless steel edge protector. Designed in-house at Lyon these patent-applied protectors are a compact, lightweight way of enhancing rope protection in a cost effective package.  
As you can see this new edge protection device has been designed to 'attach' itself temporarily to metalic structures. This allows the device to be installed quickly and securely while maintaining its position, unlike occasionaly unruly canvas type protectors.
Lyon have just begun production of the new Lyon Edge Guard and delivery of the first batches is scheduled in a few weeks’ time. To ensure that we have sufficient stock we are putting out this information on the protector in advance to gauge some idea of the volumes required by our customers.  

 Prices are yet to be confirmed, if you would like to pre order this item please quote the product code LEG-10

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