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New Heightec EGO Descender

Wednesday, 30 May 2018  |  Admin

Introducing The "EGO" Heightecs new descender, designed to be used for rope access.

New Heightec Ego Descender

It has a progressive second brake which is intuitive for users unlike devices that trip out. It is alot easier to use in harsher work enviroments e.g. slopes, grit and muddy ropes.

The mechanism cover is fully accessible to allow for inspection, cleaning and servicing, prolonging the usable life of the device.

Choice of tail rope positions for different uses: In line (over stainless braking surface) reduces rope twist on long descents and increasing device longevity on dirty ropes. OR Over front plate similar to other devices.

The EGO Descender has a 200kg load rating, which allows for a two person rescue.

safety features:

  • Threading protection - Ensures the device is used in the correct orientation
  • Anti-panic progressive brake - slows to stop if the handle is pulled to hard in descent.
  • Built in wear indicator - shows when the device should be replaced

All in all, the Ego looks like a great descender, for more information head on over to the following product page:

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