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Exciting new Petzl Jag Rescue Kit

Thursday, 26 November 2015  |  Dean Baines

Now available for purchase in our on-line shop, Buy On-line Petzl Jag Rescue Kit 

Petzl have designed and produced a reversible and ready to use rescue kit, allows easy pick off and lower of a casualty in an emergency. This product contains a Jag System haul kit, a gated ring, an I’D S descender, a Connexion Fixe 150 cm anchor strop, a Bucket bag and an Axis 11 mm rope with two sewn terminations.

The new Petzl Jag Rescue Kit will be available in three lengths which are 30, 60 and 120 m. When used to Pick-off the Jag System haul kit boasts a 4:1 mechanical advantage and brilliant sheave efficiency. This 4:1 advantage allows a user to reduce the load significantly when raising a casualty or load.

The included I'D S descender provides fine control, anti-panic and over-speed control during the lowering phase.

The image of the new Petzl Jag rescue kit

lowering off using the image of the new petzl jag rescue kit Hauling with the new petzl jag resuce kit
Petzl I'D's descender provides controlled lowering of casualties or loads. Petzl Jag pulley system reduces pick off loads with its 4:1 mechanical advantage.

Available January 2016

Now available for purchase in our on-line shop, Buy On-line Petzl Jag Rescue Kit  

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