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Beal Dynastat static and dynamic rope combined

Wednesday, 15 February 2012  |  Admin
Beal Dynastat – Static and Dynamic Rope Combined!

The all new Beal Dynastat rope is the very first of its kind, conforming to both the static rope standard EN1891 and the dynamic rope standard EN892.

“The first universal rope to both standards EN1891 and EN892 is due to arrive mid-March 2012, watch this space”

First of all I’m sure many of you are saying ‘dynamic and static rope in one, how can that be possible?’…

Here’s how they do it:

Inside the Beal Dynastat there are a group of static Vectran fibres, these fibres allow the rope to act as a regular EN1891 static rope during normal use. Here’s the clever bit, should a violent fall (with an impact force greater than 3kN) be taken by the rope the Vectran ‘fuse’ will rupture. With the Vectran ‘fuse’ ruptured the rest of the rope is able to act as a regular EN892 dynamic, thus arresting the fall with a minimal impact force.

The benefits of Beal Dynastat don’t stop there:

In addition to the Beal Dynastats ability to arrest falls, sharp edge performance has also been improved. Dynastat ropes will resist a fall factor 1 drop with a 100kg load over a sharp edge (of 0.75mm radius).

Who will use Beal Dynastat rope?

Beal Dynastat is perfectly suited to delicate operations at height such as clock towers, pylon climbing and rescue. The ropes ability to absorb impacts from unexpected anchor failure and its resistance to failure over sharp edges makes it ideal for delicate rope access work.

Examples of the Beal Dynastat sharp edge and dynamic performance can be viewed in the video below:

If you have any questions regarding the Beal Dynastat or feedback please contact us

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