Mallion Rapide


Mr Desbiolles patented quick links in 1923, he later sold that patent to Mr Francis Péguet in 1941. It was  Francis Péguet that started mass production of the quick links that we now know as Mallion Rapides.

Originally the products were aimed at repairing chains for agriculture. The use of Maillon Rapide quick links has expanded towards new applications over the years and continues to do so today.


Until 1970, this simple and reliable product was used among traditional hardware, and distributors of industrial supplies. During the mid eighties, Péguet caught interest at new markets, while Asian competition and the boom of the leisure industry appeared.

Today, the product range also includes new shapes and sizes fit for paragliding, parachute, industrial safety and mountain climbing. The compulsory self-certification of all items is a move towards continuous quality improvement.

During the last ten years, product certification in PPE has led Peguet to offer CE and EN certification with their products.


Quality and safety

Guaranteed quality is provided throughout the whole manufacturing process, customer satisfaction is the number one objective of Peguet

Peguet state - "Whatever the end use made with our products, high-demanding quality remains our number one priority"

Quality assurance is based upon the following aspects:

  • Control of the whole manufacturing process
  • All equipment and machinery are conceived, developed and improved by in house engineers
  • Quality insurance with raw material suppliers
  • Several markings
  • CE Self-certified marking since 1995
  • EN 12275 certification since 1995
  • EN 362 certification since 2005
  • Operative control during manufacturing
  • In-depth product testing at the launch of a new models, followed by random tests.
  • Finished products subject to 18 point quality check

Mallion Rapide product markings


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