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Key Points

Lighting Technical Information

Constant Lighting Level
Constant level lighting provides stable performance over the stated operation time. By using this method we can accurately select the appropriate headlamp for a desired purpose. In short, the stated lighting distance and luminosity will not decrease throughout the stated period.

Petzl headlamps are fitted with an electronic regulator, this regulator keeps lighting distance and luminosity constant. When the power level becomes insufficient the light output is decreased to a minimum level providing enough light to finish a task or replace the batteries for instance.

Non regulated LED headlamps provide very bright light for approximately 20 minutes. Then as the power decreases so will the lighting level.

Beam uniformity
Uniform lighting provides greater comfort to the user, Petzl lighting has no bright centre point, no shaded areas and no spotting.

Petzl headtorch beam uniformity example 1 Light source quality: Perfectly uniform beams can only be obtained with a high-quality and rigorously designed light source and lens.
Petzl headtorch beam uniformity example 2 No bright center point: Having a bright point in the center of the beam impairs vision as it blinds the user and obliges him or her to move the bright point to the zone he or she wishes to illuminate. Perfectly uniform beams eliminate these flaws, they are not blinding and allow precise viewing of the illuminated area.
Petzl headtorch beam uniformity example 3 Beam abnormalities: Uniform lighting beams provide lighting without spots, rings, or shaded areas. Beam irregularities prevent precise vision and may be disruptive during use, even causing loss of attention. Petzl lamps eliminate this problem

Shape of the beam
There are three main beam shapes, selection should be based on the intended use of the head torch.

The three main beam shape available are as follows:

Petzl headtorch wide beam example Wide beam: Light is diffused for close-range work.
Petzl headtorch mixed beam example Mixed Beam: Combined beam providing a compromise between close proximity and distance lighting.
Petzl headtorch focused beam example Focused Beam: Concentrates the available light to provide long distance lighting or precision aiming.

Lighting level
Each Petzl headlamp has been designed and adapted with its specific use in mind. Headlamps designed for close proximity lighting will have a moderate light output. Longer range focused beam head torches will require a higher level of light output.

Lighting mode
Most of the headlamps on offer have several lighting modes. These modes allow the user to adapt the shape or intensity of the beam to better suit their requirements, longer burn times would favour a lower output for instance.

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