Equipment Inspection

At Anglo Access we're not just here to sell your equipment to you, we're also available for equipment advice, maintenance and inspections. Your rope access or work at height equipment must be maintained in a safe and usable condition. Harnesses and their associated equipment are classed as 'Category 3 PPE - Protects the user form mortal danger'.

Under the 'LOLER - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations' equipment must be inspected at 'regular intervals' by a 'competent person' who can act 'independently' of the companies interests to make an informed judgment about the condition of equipment.

Here at Anglo Access our rope access equipment inspection and work at height equipment inspection charges vary. This will depend upon on the range and volume of items requiring inspection. £20 Will automatically be chargeable for your equipment inspection to cover our admin fees.

Following each complete equipment inspection a .PDF inspection sheet for each of your items will be provided. A detailed break-down of the inspection plus an overview sheet containing any important updates regarding the safety of your equipment will also be provided. Certificates of conformity, date of first use and any previous inspection records will be required before we are able to carry out the inspection, this is to verify the identity and history of each item. We can discuss this with you further when arranging your inspection with you.

We charge the following fees for inspecting individual items of rope access and work at height safety equipment in addition to the £20 admin charge.

Work at height equipment

PPE Inspection charges

Decenders conforming to BS EN12841C, EN341A

£4.00 + VAT each

Energy absorbers conforming to BS EN355

£4.00 + VAT each

Harnesses conforming to BS EN361, EN358, EN813, EN12277

£7.50 + VAT each - Harness with integrated chest ascenders additional £4.00 + VAT

Helmets conforming to BS EN397, EN12492

£4.00 + VAT each

Connectors including mallions and karabiners conforming to BS EN362

£3.00 + VAT each

Webbing and rope lanyards conforming to BS EN354, EN566, EN795

£3.00 + VAT each - Lanyards with rope adjustment clamps are an additional £4.00 + VAT

Work restraint and pole belts conforming to BS EN358

£4.00 + VAT each

Pulleys conforming to BS EN12278, EN1909, EN12278/567

£4.00 + VAT each

Rope grabs and ascenders conforming to BS EN12841, EN567

£4.00 + VAT each

Static and dynamic ropes conforming to EN1891, EN892

0-50m £4.00 + VAT each, 51-100m £8.00 + VAT each, 101-200m £16.00 + VAT each

Rescue stretchers

£25.00 + VAT each

Wire anchor strops conforming to BS EN795

£4.00 + VAT each

Winches, tripods, fall arrest blocks, etc.

Price available per request - Manufacturers requirements will vary

The prices listed above serve as a guide to our inspection pricing, larger orders, site visits and other variables will affect the price paid.

Items which do not have individual markings will be batched together, and treated as a whole. We are working on providing an engraving service shortly for items not individually marked during manufacture. Laser marking is already available for many items at the time of purchase for a nominal fee, please view our Rope Access Equipment Marking Service Blog Article for more details.

Return carriage will be charged at cost, the cost of carriage will be higher for heavier items. Please email us your requirements for a work at height PPE inspection quotation

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