Elavon PCI Compliant


"We provide harnesses specifically designed to meet the requirements of workers at height"

Each of these harnesses falls within one of the categories below.

  • Work positioning and fall arrest harnesses the most versatile harnesses available, able to adapt to almost any working at height situation while providing optimum comfort.
  • Fall arrest harnesses the most widely used of all harnesses, provides reliable fall protection leaving the user in the correct orientation following a fall
  • Harnesses for difficult access harnesses such as the Petzl Avao Bod Croll Fast feature an integrated ventral rope clamp for ascending fixed ropes.
  • Arborist harnesses a wide back support and sliding bridge provide excellent freedom of movement coupled with comfort during prolonged suspension.
  • Evacuation triangles designed specifically for rescue and ease of fitting. Commonly used in a variety of applications such as rescue from confined spaces or buildings.

Different accessories can be added to our work and rescue harnesses to adapt them to meet the needs of certain specific work situations. Please see the harness accessories section for more information.