Framing and Roofing

"Petzl products provide simple solutions to common roofing height safety scenarios"

Before working on a rooftop a safety system must be in place to protect workers from falls.

The system installed should be determined by the duration and extent of the work to be carried out. If the task will take a long time collective protection that eliminates the risk of falls should be used. If the task will only last for a short duration PPE may be used to protect users against falls from height. PPE will be necessary in either situation to install the collective protection. Each person must be protected by at least a fall arrest system for example, a Petzl ASAP and Petzl ASAP Sorber could be used on an EN1891A safety rope suitable for the Petzl ASAP.

The illustration below gives an example of how to install the safety rope using a throw line to avoid being at risk anchoring the safety rope on the rooftop.

The exclusion zones at the sides of the roof (Highlighted in black and yellow) must always be considered. It would be easy to rig the system in such a way that users could fall off the side of the roof. By rigging the safety rope at a distance that does not allow the user to reach the edge solves this problem, it should be noted that the rope must be anchored at both ends for this system to work.

The Petzl ASAP allows users to walk up and down the roof beside the safety rope without the need to manually manipulate the device to make it travel up or down.  

Protecting workers against falls from height on roof tops using the Petzl ASAP

For long-term use PPE and collective protection can be used

The user in the example below is protected by a Petzl Grillon horizonal safety line to which he is connected via a Petzl Absorbica. A second, shorter Petzl Grillon has been used to provide a secondary point of attachment, this can also be used to help the user position himself.

The Petzl Grillon horizontal safety line is easy to tighten thanks to the built in rope cam. The smaller image to the right shows how collective protection can be used in conjunction with PPE to protect users from falling over the edge of the roof.

Using the Petzl Grillon as a horizontal safety line

Using the Petzl Grillon to create a restraint system

The Petzl Grillon can also be used to position users working on steeper roofs. The worker below has created a horizontal safety line between two anchor points using a Petzl Grillon. A second Petzl Grillon has been installed along the horizontal safety line to allow the worker to vary the distance he can travel below the safety line. 

Installing a second Petzl Grillon to work in restraint

If collective protection is available and it has adequate strength for fall protection purposes, a work positioning system incorporating an adjustable lanyard will often provide a perfect solution.

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