Fibrelight Ladders

"Fibrelight ladders provide a compact, lightweight solution for entry and egress of a work site"

  • Easy to rig
  • Stow in a small place when not in use
  • Have no metal parts to corrode
  • Can be ordered by the meter to your requirements (up to 20m)
  • Supplied complete with bag and connector
Climbing a Fibrelight webbing ladder
Fibrelight ladder rung Carbon fibre rung core
The core of the Fibrelight rungs are carbon fibre, making them strong but extremely light.
Webbing sides
Fibrelight ladders use 20mm polyester side tape.
Rungs are attached to side tape using three bar tacks for maximum strength.
 A 20 metre Fibrelight ladder packs down to the size of a loaf of bread! Much more compact than their wire ladder counterparts. Pack size comparison of Fibrelight ladder
Delta Mallion supplied with the Fibrelight ladder Stainless steel delta connector supplied for easy fitting to anchor points. Please read the information provided with each ladder before use. Specifc training is essential before use.
Independent safety system
When climbing flexible ladders a full body harness attached to an appropriate back up device is essential.
For easier climbing
Loosely secure the bottom of the ladder to make climbing easier. Specific training is essential befor use.
Fibrelight ladder used for mast access
120kg weight limit for Fibrelight ladders Maximum loads
The maximum rated load is 120kg. Fibrelight ladders are suitable for only one person at a time. Fibrelight ladders are for lightweight use only. For heavy duty usage see our range of Wire sided ladders

All Fibrelight ladders have 30cm rung spacing and a single attachment point at the top. The standard Fibrelight ladders has red sides and black rungs. Custom ladders can be all black for low visibility - suitable for theatre or military applications. We can also supply ladders in yellow for high visibility - useful in marine 'man overboard' situations.

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Ladder Options
Length Colour
Code Weight
5m Red/Black LSFL05 1.18kg
10m Red/Black LSFL10 2.35kg
15m Red/Black LSFL15 3.53kg
20m Red/Black LSFL20 4.70kg
5m Black/Red LSFL05N 1.18kg
10m Black/Red LSFL10N 2.35kg
15m Black/Red LSFL15N 3.53kg
20m Black/Red LSFL20N 4.70kg
5m Yellow/Yellow LSFL05Y 1.18kg
10m Yellow/Yellow LSFL10Y 2.35kg
15m Yellow/Yellow LSFL15Y 3.53kg
20m Yellow/Yellow LSFL20Y 4.70kg
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