Environmental Policy

Enviromental policy imageAnglo Access Environment Policy

1. Context and purpose

1.1 Anglo Access recognises that our operations have direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Our objective is to manage these impacts so that we can better manage the costs of doing business and the risks to our brand.

1.2 The purpose of Anglo Access's Environment Policy is to create a framework for understanding and managing our direct and indirect environmental impacts, risks and opportunities.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy covers the operations of Anglo Access.

3. Position on Climate Change

3.1 Climate change could have a significant environmental, economic and social impact, presenting both risks and opportunities for our business.

3.2 Anglo Access is committed to measuring and reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Environmental compliance

4.1 Anglo Access is committed to complying with relevant UK environmental legislation.

5. Management of direct environmental impacts

5.1 Anglo Access is committed to reducing direct environmental impacts through the implementation of the following practices:

  • Monitoring and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, including energy use and business travel.
  • Investing in energy efficient technologies, where better cost effective solutions are available.
  • Reducing our water usage, where possible.
  • Minimising waste through recycling and efficient use of resources.
  • Ensuring a sustainable procurement approach is in place, which sets out environmental requirements for our supply chain partners.
  • Ensuring the new space we occupy is designed, occupied and operated with the objective of being fit for purpose, best practice with cost effective environmental design.

6. Management of indirect environmental impacts

6.1 Anglo Access acknowledges that the companies we purchase from and supply to also have an impact on the environment. Our supplier policy requires that environmental risks be considered at the time of account opening. As our understanding of environmental risk grows we will continually seek to enhance our governance processes, reporting practices and the training of our staff to ensure we strengthen our risk management policies and procedures.

6.2 Anglo Access will identify opportunities to provide our customers with sustainable choices through the products and services we offer.

7. Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting

7.1 Anglo Access will raise and maintain staff awareness about the environmental impacts of our operations and empower them to consider the environment in their daily business activities.


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