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"Petzl equipment is perfect for protecting users against falls from height when climbing metallic structures"

Ascending a structure backed up by a Y shape energy absorbing lanyard

Ascending a structure using the Petzl Absorbica Y MGO

To install a safety system the rope must first be anchored from above. Ascending the structure whilst backing up the user with a Y shape energy absorbing lanyard is the most common method practised. Here the user is backing himself up with the Petzl Absorbica-Y-MGO. Should the user fall the lanyard is equipped with an energy absorber to limit forces to 6kN.

When climbing with Y shaped lanyards the user must not allow the primary connection to be below his waist level. Lanyard legs must never be clipped back to the users harness as the energy absorber will be rendered useless. The energy absorbers have enough residual strength when un-deployed for the user to 'relax' on the lanyards should their arm need a rest.

It is important to remember that a suitable rescue plan must be in place to rescue a user from this type of lanyard should a fall occur.

 Ascending the structure backed up by a fall arrest device

Once a rope has been installed other workers can protect themselves by connecting a fall arrest device such as the Petzl ASAP to the rope. It is worth remembering that most fall arrest devices will require at least 1kg on the end of the working rope to allow them to travel correctly.

The user in the yellow helmet below has used the Petzl Grillon to position himself to work, leaving his hands free.

Climbing a structure backed up by a Petzl ASAP with a built in rescue system.

Above you can see that the working rope may be anchored using a device such as the Petzl Gri Gri 2, to provide a releasable anchor. The Petzl Gri Gri's in the images above have been tied off using a mule knot. The loop created by the knot must be clipped into a separate connector at the anchor to prevent accidental untying. In the event of a rescue situation the knott can be 'pulled through' and the Petzl Gri Gri used to lower the victim to safety. Always check that there will be sufficient rope to reach the ground BEFORE using the equipment.

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