DMM Professional

DMM Professional Safety Equipment for Industrial use

DMM have made excellent quality climbing hardware since 1981. It has taken DMM 30 years of continuous hard work in combination with heavy investment into manufacturing and design resources for DMM to become a world leader in the design and production of height safety equipment.

With history comes pride and experience. The staff at DMM know they make some of the very best work at height equipment in the world, but they also realise that they must strive to improve and innovate with as much enthusiasm today as they always have.

From DMM's humble beginnings in the foothills of Snowdonia, they have grown into their current production facility of over 25,000sqm that contains state of the art machinery ranging from hot forging to the latest CNC Technology.

The DMM design facility uses cutting edge SolidWorks 3D modelling software as a platform which interfaces perfectly with our 3D prototyping facility.

Every safety critical operation is carried out in the DMM factory before any designs are approved. This gives users of DMM products confidence in purchasing a product that has followed a strict design and quality control procedure through every stage, right up upto packaging and delivery.

The philosophy at DMM has long been one of continuous improvement and to invest in its employees, customers and suppliers to ensure they provide well designed products and service of the highest quality and value for money. DMM believes in doing this, they will continue to develop further as world leaders in the manufacture of quality fall protection equipment.

Anglo Access' knowledgeable and dedicated sales team are always available to assist you in selecting the right products from DMM, offering sales support of the highest level.

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