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Beal Air Stop

Beal Air Stop£82.75

Beal D4

Beal D4£132.00   £118.80

Heightec Ego

Heightec Ego£122.89   £110.60

! NEW 2018 !
Heightec Powerlock

Heightec Powerlock£142.61   £121.22

Heightec Prism

Heightec Prism£102.45   £92.21

Heightec Quadra

Heightec Quadra£131.84   £112.06

Heightec Quadra Stainless Steel

Heightec Quadra Stainless Steel£128.40   £109.14

Petzl Huit

Petzl Huit£10.83   £10.29

Petzl Huit Anti Burn

Petzl Huit Anti Burn£14.17

Petzl I'd

Petzl I'dFrom:  £116.00

Petzl I'd L

Petzl I'd LFrom:  £120.35

Petzl Rack

Petzl Rack£58.33

Petzl Rig

Petzl RigFrom:  £93.50


Petzl Rig

Petzl RigFrom:  £81.00

Petzl Stop

Petzl Stop£78.00   £70.20

Petzl Zig Zag

Petzl Zig Zag£155.00   £124.00

SAR A-B Descender

SAR A-B Descender£104.10   £93.69

SAR Pro Allp Tech Descender

SAR Pro Allp Tech DescenderFrom:  £301.00

Page 1 of 1:    18 Items

"When working or performing a rescue from height access from above allows users to take full advantage of gravity"

PPE Descending devices have been designed to accurately regulate the friction of the device itself on the rope which it has been installed upon. The braking mechanism usually consists of a pivoting cam, pinching the rope under the weight of the user. The cam is releasable by means of a handle, thus facilitating descent.

Descenders allow users to position themselves at any point on the rope. Descenders such as the Petzl I'd can also be used to safely belay a leading climber.