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Beal Attract Tool

Beal Attract Tool£12.46   £11.21

Beal Bucket Hat

Beal Bucket Hat£8.35

Beal Combi Pro 40

Beal Combi Pro 40£74.37   £63.21

Beal Genius

Beal Genius£10.97   £9.87

Beal Genius Bucket

Beal Genius Bucket£65.45   £55.63

Beal Genius Tool Bucket

Beal Genius Tool Bucket£36.55   £31.06

Beal Genius Triple

Beal Genius Triple£27.62   £24.85

Beal Glass Bucket

Beal Glass Bucket£11.49

Beal Long Tool Bag

Beal Long Tool Bag£12.89

Beal Pro Combi 80

Beal Pro Combi 80£89.53   £76.10

Beal Pro Work 35

Beal Pro Work 35£52.27   £47.04

Beal Pro Work 35 Contract

Beal Pro Work 35 Contract£38.53   £34.68

Beal Pro Work 45

Beal Pro Work 45£68.00   £61.20

Beal Pro Work 60

Beal Pro Work 60£71.54   £60.81

Beal Tool Bag

Beal Tool Bag£10.96   £9.31

Beal Tool Belt

Beal Tool Belt£12.46   £11.21

Heightec KARI 15L Transport Bag WLL 7kg

Heightec KARI 15L Transport Bag WLL 7kg£37.75   £33.98

Heightec KARI 30L Transport Bag WLL 18kg

Heightec KARI 30L Transport Bag WLL 18kg£53.45   £48.10

Heightec KARI 50L Transport Bag WLL 18kg

Heightec KARI 50L Transport Bag WLL 18kg£73.75   £66.37

Heightec KARI 65L Transport Bag WLL 20kg

Heightec KARI 65L Transport Bag WLL 20kg£84.85   £60.81

Lyon 13lt Rope Sack

Lyon 13lt Rope Sack£40.00   £36.00

Lyon 20lt Kit Bag

Lyon 20lt Kit Bag£44.58   £40.12

Lyon 20lt Rescue Bag

Lyon 20lt Rescue Bag£50.76   £45.68

Lyon 30lt Kit Bag

Lyon 30lt Kit Bag£50.00   £45.00

Lyon 30lt Rescue Bag

Lyon 30lt Rescue Bag£56.18   £50.56

Lyon 40lt Kit Bag

Lyon 40lt Kit Bag£54.16   £48.74

Lyon 40lt Rescue Bag

Lyon 40lt Rescue Bag£60.34   £54.30

Lyon 55lt Industrial Access Sack

Lyon 55lt Industrial Access Sack£72.50   £65.25

Lyon Essentials Bag 30L

Lyon Essentials Bag 30L£35.00   £31.50

Lyon Essentials Bag 40L

Lyon Essentials Bag 40L£40.00   £36.00

Lyon Essentials Bag 60L

Lyon Essentials Bag 60L£60.00   £54.00

Lyon First Response Rescue Bag

Lyon First Response Rescue Bag£220.83   £198.75

Lyon Lifting Bags

Lyon Lifting BagsFrom:  £17.92

Lyon Rope Leg Bag

Lyon Rope Leg Bag£36.26

Lyon Route Setters Bag

Lyon Route Setters BagFrom:  £24.16

Lyon Steel Erectors Bolt Bag

Lyon Steel Erectors Bolt Bag£23.74   £21.37

Lyon Tool Bag

Lyon Tool Bag£33.33

Petzl Bolt Bag

Petzl Bolt Bag£22.22   £21.11

Petzl Bucket

Petzl BucketFrom:  £35.10

Petzl Classique Tackle Sack

Petzl Classique Tackle Sack£56.35   £50.71

Petzl Eclipse

Petzl Eclipse£45.00

Petzl Personal Sack

Petzl Personal Sack£48.30

Petzl Portage

Petzl Portage£67.62

Petzl Tool Bag

Petzl Tool Bag£17.90   £16.11

Petzl Tool Bag Large

Petzl Tool Bag Large£28.50   £25.65

Petzl Transport Sack

Petzl Transport Sack£90.16

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"Bags designed and built through know-how gained from caving"

Packs provide a practical accessory when working at height, they allow one to organise and carry equipment/tools to the work site.

We supply bags from Petzl, Lyon, Exped and Ortlieb. Look out for super durable PVC coated fabrics, welded seams adjustable straps, modular designs and much more.

Were so keen to provide you with packs and bags that meet all of your requirements we even offer a bespoke indusrtial bag manufacturing service, please contact us for more details.