Elavon PCI Compliant


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Ground Anchor Set

Ground Anchor Set£397.92   £358.13

Lyon Ground Pin Set

Lyon Ground Pin Set£331.69   £281.94

Petzl Collinox & Batinox Resin Anchors

Petzl Collinox & Batinox Resin AnchorsFrom:  £117.85

Petzl Couer Hanger Hcr

Petzl Couer Hanger Hcr£99.69

Heightec Laser Horizontal Anchor Line

Heightec Laser Horizontal Anchor LineFrom:  £98.56

Lyon Anchor Device

Lyon Anchor Device£87.50

Tee Stake Anchor

Tee Stake Anchor£70.42

Petzl Connexion Vario

Petzl Connexion VarioFrom:  £48.50

Petzl Couer Pulse

Petzl Couer Pulse£39.45

Petzl Connexion Fast

Petzl Connexion Fast£34.50

Petzl Resin Ampule - Box of 10

Petzl Resin Ampule - Box of 10From:  £31.88

Petzl Connexion Fixe

Petzl Connexion FixeFrom:  £25.50

Lyon Ground Anchor Stake

Lyon Ground Anchor Stake£22.50

Lyon Steering Wheel Cap

Lyon Steering Wheel Cap£25.83   £18.38

Lyon Coloured Wire Anchor Strop

Lyon Coloured Wire Anchor StropFrom:  £13.33

Lyon Wire Anchor Strop

Lyon Wire Anchor StropFrom:  £12.08

Heightec Steel Anchor Sling

Heightec Steel Anchor SlingFrom:  £12.85

Lyon Soft Eye Wire Anchor Strop

Lyon Soft Eye Wire Anchor StropFrom:  £11.25

Petzl Couer Hanger

Petzl Couer HangerFrom:  £10.87

Petzl Couer Hanger And Bolt

Petzl Couer Hanger And BoltFrom:  £3.14

Petzl Couer Hanger stainless

Petzl Couer Hanger stainlessFrom:  £2.50


Page 1 of 1:    25 Items

"Anchors provide the link between our safety system and the structure or terrain"

Anchor selection will be determined by the structure or terrain:

  • Concrete or rock: Permanently fixed anchors such as bolt hangers or glue-in bolts.
  • Metallic structures, Trees etc: Flexible anchors (slings, strops)

Anchor straps are designed to facilitate temporary anchorage or security to portable anchoring devices. If an anchor device will be permanently installed or subject to heavy use, a bolt or glue-in anchor should be used.

To complement our standard anchors, we also offer lifeline devices specific to horizontal progression and rigging accessories designed for ergonomics, function or permanence.