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Access Ladders

Vertical Access Ladders
Access ladder installation with aluminium rest platform

Our Ready made range of vertical ladder systems are a completely new way to solve a vertical access problem. Supplied as a pre-drilled set of parts ready for on site installation our Ready made vertical ladder range comply fully with BS4211:2008 + A1 2008 and can be supplied with short lead times to be assembled and adjusted to suit most site requirements.

If you require installation that's fine too, please Contact us for a quotation.

Access Ladder Accessories

Designed Specifically to supplement our ready made range of fixed access products, these accessories can be used to enhance security, safety or usability of almost any of our ready made Products

Ladder Security Gates

Security is becoming of increasing concern in almost access installations, it is specified in BS4211:2005 + A1 2008 that:

5.6 Prevention of Unauthorised Access
Consideration shall be given to the provision of suitable safeguards, e.g. Locking devices, to ensure that access is only possible by authorised, trained and fully equipped operatives

With this consideration in mind we supply a range of security devices suitable for most fixed access ladders.

Fitted access ladder security gate

Vertical Ladder Fall Arrest Systems

In order to comply with BS4211:2005 + A1 2008 any ladder over 3m in height should be fitted with some form of fall protection system. Traditionally this has been in the form of cage protection however a vertical fall arrest system can easily fitted to most access ladders providing discreet fall protection that, when used in conjunction with the correct training and PPE gives safe and reliable access.

Please note: Access ladders and fall arrest systems should be inspected annually by a trained person. We can provide this service should you require it.

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Access Ladder

Access LadderFrom:  £195.00

Access Ladder and Cage

Access Ladder and CageFrom:  £490.00

Access Ladder and Walkthrough

Access Ladder and WalkthroughFrom:  £290.00

Access Ladder Gate

Access Ladder Gate£200.00

Access Ladder with Cage and Walkthrough

Access Ladder with Cage and WalkthroughFrom:  £690.00

Extendable Access Ladder Safety Post

Extendable Access Ladder Safety PostFrom:  £400.00

Scissor Ladder

Scissor LadderFrom:  £720.00

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