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Petzl Shunt to be replaced by the Petzl ASAP

Tuesday, 17 January 2012  |  Admin

Petzl have recently published a notice on their website stating that they no longer 'recommend' the use of a Petzl Shunt as a rope access back up device. Petzl have been monitoring the use of the Petzl shunt in rope access since 1999. In 2009 Petzl issued a statement recommending that only professionally trained IRATA operatives should use the Petzl Shunt as a back-up device.

During the last few years many independent studies have been undertaken using the Petzl shunt in recue situations etc. These studies have shown that slippage can occur with the Petzl shunt during rescue operations. Studies have also shown that when used with a trailing cord even professional users can fail to release the cord in the event of an accident, subsequently the device is simply towed through the fall.

Petzl have therefore withdrawn previous statements condoning the use of the Petzl shunt as a rope access back up device.

More information available directly on the Petzl website

What does this mean to the rope access industry...?

Well it seems highly likely that the Petzl shunt will begin to be 'Phased out' with the Petzl ASAP slowly taking its place. However we can certainly see situations where the Petzl Shunt could be a favourable device, we would love to hear your views / comments and we would be happy to pass them on to Petzl for you.

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