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Petzl Progress Adjust Lanyards

Thursday, 27 November 2014  |  Admin

Petzl Adjust and Adjust I Lanyards

Petzl have had the 'L44 Progress' lanyard in the range for some time, however there's always room for improvement... From February 2015 Petzl will release two all new adjustable progression lanyards into the product range, the Progress Adjust and the Progress Adjust I. Progress Adjust lanyards allow users to remain in continuous connection during all types of progression maneuvers (rope ascending, traversing on safety lines etc). This new ability to vary the connection length of the lanyard is thanks to the Petzl ADJUST rope clamp. The Petzl Adjust rope clamp allows the length of the adjustable arm to be quickly and easily adjusted. Each of the connectors are held in position by retainers to prevent any 'fumbling' while trying to clip anchors or operate auto locking gate mechanisms.

Petzl Adjust features close up

The Petzl Progress Adjust lanyard adjusts extremely quickly thanks to the Adjust rope clamp. The clamp releases with a simple turn and handles easily due to its ergonomic shape. The rubber ring (Petzl Tanga) holds the carabiner in position, facilitating clipping. The plastic termination sheath on the fixed arm holds the connector in position to facilitating connections.

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