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New Petzl Rescucender

Wednesday, 25 November 2015  |  Dean Baines

Now available for purchase in our on-line shop, Buy On-line Petzl Rescucender

The New ergonomically designed Petzl Rescucender is a simple to use, openable cam-loaded rope clamp that is designed to be used in haul systems as an auto block / progress capture device.

As with the previous Petzl Rescucenders the rope is easily installed or removed due to the open-able guidable cam, at any point on the rope. The safety catch is now equipped with a new feature.. an unlocked indicator, we really like this, a definite improvement over the previous model.

image displaying the new petzl rescucender with unlock indicator

Due in March 2016

For more information or to reserve the new Petzl Rescucender, please Contact us.

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