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New Ortlieb First Aid Bags

Wednesday, 25 April 2012  |  Admin

New and improved Ortlieb First Aid bags now available on-line.

Ortlieb first aid bags have been a popular item with rope access techs looking for a basic first aid kit for their harness.

There are two models as previously available, however the smaller bag has been improved to match the design of the larger one as previous models were designed differently. Each first aid bag is supplied with a selection of basic first aid equipment to be carried on the users harness.

Ortlieb First aid Kit Bag Features

These first aid kits do not replace the full kit that should be available on-site, however some working situations when abseiling can put you in a position where you are relatively isolated. Keeping a basic kit such as the Ortlieb first aid bags on your harness allows you to deal with minor injuries ‘there and then’. Ortlieb First Aid Kit Bag internal view

Ortlieb first aid kit bags are also available without any contents allowing you to tailor your kit to your own personal requirements. Possibly one of the most useful features with these kits is their ability to keep the kit contained 100% dry, guaranteed. So there’s no need to worry if your caught in a shower… which is highly likely this time of year!

Full specifications are available on our Ortlieb first aid bags pages where you can purchase the Ortlieb First Aid Kit Bag Regular and Ortlieb First Aid Kit Bag Medium

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

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