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Lyon Route Setters Bag

Tuesday, 9 December 2014  |  Admin

Introducing the new Lyon Route Setters Bag: A climbing wall maintenance and route setting specific bag. Available now!

Lyons Route Setting Bag was developed with Lyon team member Gav Symonds, 'rumour has it' because he kept breaking his existing bags! The new Lyon Route Setters Bag, is available as a complete set or as individual components.

Lyon Route Setters Bag

The idea was to develop a load rated bag for working at height, with a focused design for climbing wall route setting. Several prototypes later... and after extensive testing, the bag now features double layer PVC walls with foam padding, and a third layer on the base for even greater durability.
A sprung top band maintains easy access to the bags content while working, the back is left clear to reduce the chance of snagging against the work surface. The bag can also be carried with the flat surface against the user to provide more comfort. A webbing fastener system allows each of the pods and pouch to be configured to suit individual user requirements.

Use the link below to purchase your route setting bag today:

Lyon Route Setters Bag Buy On-Line

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