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Lyon Durus Rope Protector

Monday, 12 June 2017  |  Admin

Introducing the all new Lyon DURUS chainmail rope protector...

As a rope protectors go this one is relatively expensive – but it does offer an extremely high level of protection and sits in that gap between basic textile protectors and solid edge guards. 70% of the price is the chainmail alone!

Rope protection is paramount in any rope system, but in some more than others. The Durus isn't an alternative to a good deviation or fixed rope protection device... however it can be easily carried & deployed at any point, just like a conventional canvas rope protector. 

We know 100% if you keep a Durus in your kit bag you are guaranteed to put it to good use.

We've added the Durus to our store so they are now available to reserve / buy on-line. Please vist the Lyon Durus on our website to order yours.

Lyon Durus rope protector

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