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Beal Rope Protection

Wednesday, 28 December 2011  |  Admin

Innovative new rope protection products by Beal.

Last year in 2011 many rope access personnel will remember the IRATA bulletin regarding the melting of ropes with a work light and prior to that incidents of ropes being cut by sharp guttering, roof edges etc.

Beal are now leading the way in flexible rope protection devices with three new products designed to better cope with some of the more challenging rigging situations we are sometimes faced with.

Possibly on of the most innovative rope protection devices yet the Beal Rope Armour looks like a very useful product. It is essentially a protective metal mesh that is passed over the rope prior to rigging. Once in place the mesh can be stretched to fit neatly over any 'at risk' areas of the rope.

Beal rope armour Find more information on Beal Rope Armour

Also new in the range are the Beal Magnetic Protector and the Beal Hot Protector.

Each of these rope protectors feature Beal’s new magnetic closure and positioning system. Magnetic closure promises to be less fiddly and more reliable than the Velcro we're all used to. Magnets offer an additional advantage though... these rope protectors will attach themselves directly to metallic structures negating the need to attach the rope protector to the working rope.

Beal magnetic rope protector Beal hot-protector
Find more information on Beal Magnetic Rope Proetctor Find more information on Beal Hot Protector

The product we expect to be most widely adopted of all three of these has to be the Beal Hot-Protector. The Beal Hot-Protector uses a combination of Aluminium and glass fibres to protect the rope from melting.

The Beal Hot-Protector seriously does have the potential to save lives and if you carry out hot works or run your ropes anywhere remotely near a heat source we strongly recommend this product.

E-mail us now to pre order your bags as these are likely to sellout quickly.

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